High Quality K15013AR0 Ball Bearing

K15013AR0 Bearing represents a specialized category of thin section bearings. It is distinguished by its unique cross-sectional geometry, which remains constant as the bore diameter increases. K15013AR0 bore dia is 150 mm. Its out dia is 176 mm. Its width is 13 mm. It is manufactured to high precision standards, which is critical for applications requiring accurate and smooth motion.

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Space-saving design: The constant, slim cross-section makes this bearing ideal for compact designs where space is limited.

Lightweight: Its design reduces the use of materials, resulting in weight reduction, which is critical for aerospace and other weight-sensitive applications.

Load handling capacity: Despite its thin cross-section, this bearing can handle a large number of radial, axial and moment loads, making it versatile in a variety of mechanical setups.

Low friction: It maintains low friction, which improves the overall efficiency of the applications in which it is used.



Number of Row: Single row
Place of Origin: China
Product name: Deep Grove Ball Bearing
Material: Chrome Steel GCR15
Application: Mining. Metallurgy. Agriculture. Chemical
Feature: Long Life
Model: K15013AR0



Reali-Slim thin section bearings are designed for industries, at top of the list, and applications where precise positioning and lightweight designs are important, including:​ ​

  • Aerospace
  • Machine tools
  • Medical industry
  • Robotics
  • Semiconductor manufacturing industry
  • Astronomy, telescopes/observatory equipment
  • CT scanners
  • Fixturing and workholding equipment
  • Food processing equipment
  • Glassworking equipment
  • Luggage scanners
  • Optical sights
  • Packaging equipment
  • Radar, satellite and communications equipment
  • Textile machinery
  • Tube and pipe cutting machines

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