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Shandong NYZ Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. excels in providing high-quality bearing solutions for a multitude of industries. Our advanced technology and dedicated after-sales service have driven our rapid growth, earning acclaim in Europe, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.

Our products serve various sectors, including agricultural machinery, aerospace, automotive, construction machinery, energy & mining, food & beverage, heavy machinery, industrial equipment, medical equipment, and more. NYZ is committed to delivering top-notch solutions that support industry growth and technological advancement.

Electric Machinery

In the Electric Machinery industry, spherical roller bearings and deep groove ball bearings from NYZ are widely utilized. These bearings ensure smooth operation, enhance efficiency, and provide reliable performance in various electric machinery applications.

Food&Beverage Factory

NYZ pillow block bearings play a crucial role in food processing machinery, ensuring reliable and low-maintenance operation. These bearings help maintain safety and hygiene standards in food and beverage factories.

Industrial Equipment

Bearings are widely used in industrial equipment, especially for industrial equipment. High-quality bearings ensure strong performance and reliability to meet the heavy loads and harsh conditions of industrial machinery.

NYZ agricultural machinery bearings extend the life of farm implements and equipment. With strong pollution resistance and high load capacity, they provide reliable and durable performance in demanding agricultural environments.

NYZ taper roller bearings and wheel hub bearings are integral to engines, transmissions, and wheel hubs, providing reliable performance and durability in the automotive industry.

NYZ provides customized, eco-friendly, and high-quality bearings for all stages of metallurgical processes. meeting the rigorous demands of the metallurgical industry.

In the mining industry, high-quality bearings can improve the efficiency of mining machinery and reduce maintenance costs. Designed for continuous operation of mining machinery, they can ensure reliable performance and support all-weather mining activities.

NYZ custom bearings for motorcycles enhance operational stability, increase transmission efficiency, and extend component lifespan. These bearings ensure smooth and reliable performance, meeting the specific demands of motorcycle applications.

energy-efficient and durable bearings enhance motor operation in reducers, ensuring smoother performance and reduced noise.supporting various industrial applications.

High-performance bearings improve satellite pointing accuracy, enhance reliability and service life, reduce friction and energy consumption, and improve shock resistance.

Steel industry

Steel industry

NYZ bearings are resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. They reduce the maintenance cost of equipment in steel processing and improve processing efficiency.

Customized bearings can improve the stability of machine tools, improve the quality of machined workpieces, ensure the accuracy and reliability of machine tools, and meet the needs of the machine tool industry.

In precision processing equipment, NYZ’s bearings play a crucial role in ensuring the stable operation of internal components. This stability directly impacts product quality, making our bearings essential for high-precision manufacturing.

high-performance bearings, motor units, and actuators are designed to meet the evolving demands of medical diagnostics. These components ensure reliable and precise operation in critical medical equipment.

Printing Shops

Printing Shops

High-quality bearings can significantly improve the overall performance and reliability of your printer, reduce friction and wear, extend the life of your printer, and ensure smooth and efficient printing.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

bearings are critical in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, ensuring high precision and reliability. They are essential in components such as lithography machines, etching equipment, wafer handling systems, and CMP devices, supporting accurate and stable operations.

Raisting Equipment

High load capacity bearings are essential in raisting equipment, ensuring smooth and reliable operation. They support hook rotation, lifting mechanisms, rotating platforms, and extendable arms, enhancing efficiency and stability in lifting operations.

Areospace And Astronomical Instruments

The requirements for precision in aerospace and astronomical instruments are very high. High-precision and high-standard bearings can improve the stability of equipment operation.

Aviation Field

High-quality bearings can ensure the accuracy, reliability and smooth operation of aircraft, and improve the overall performance and safety of aircraft.

Construction Machinery

High-performance bearings improve stability and precision in demanding construction environments.


High-quality bearings can ensure efficient, stable and long-term operation of energy and mining equipment, thereby improving production efficiency and safety.


Bearings are vital to excavators, ensuring they run smoothly and reliably. They support the rotation system, boom, bucket, tracks, hydraulic system and travel motors, improving efficiency and stability for demanding excavation tasks.

Heavy Machinery

High-strength, high-load bearings provide stability and service life for heavy machinery in harsh industrial environments.

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