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Automotive Industry

Automotive indusry

The automotive industry has a long history, and the number of cars in various countries is very large. Bearings are widely used in the automotive industry, such as in car engines, transmissions, wheels and suspension systems, steering systems, as well as generators and air conditioning compressors. They are critical components in automobiles.

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Due to the continuous improvement of vehicle performance in harsh environments such as high temperatures, high speeds, and heavy loads, automotive bearings must have high durability and precision to meet the stringent requirements of the modern automotive industry for performance, fuel efficiency, and driving experience. NYZ continually enhances the performance and reliability of bearings through innovative materials, optimized design, and advanced manufacturing processes, driving the continuous development and technological advancement of the automotive industry.

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6205-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing

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6205-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing

The 6205-2RS bearing is a sealed deep groove ball bearing equipped with double-sided rubber seals (2RS), which prevent external contaminants from entering the bearing and maintain good lubrication. This type of bearing is suitable for critical applications across various automotive sectors, including wheel hubs, transmissions, generators, air conditioning compressors, steering systems, and water pumps. It provides stable performance under various high-load and harsh environmental conditions, ensuring smooth operation and long-term reliability of automotive components.

30204 Tapered Roller Bearing

Related product types:Tapered Roller Bearing

30204 Tapered Roller Bearing

30204 bearing is a common type of tapered roller bearing widely used in critical positions within the automotive industry, especially where combined radial and axial loads are encountered. It is primarily used in automotive differential gears to support gear rotation and power transmission, steering system shafts and gears, as well as universal joints and connecting points in drive shafts.

LM10494911 Tapered Roller Bearing

Related product types:Tapered Roller Bearing

LM104949/11 Tapered Roller Bearing

LM104949/11 tapered roller bearing is a high-precision bearing composed of separate cup and cone components. The outer ring is in the form of a cup (LM104911), while the inner ring, rollers, and cage form the cone (LM104949). This design allows the bearing to withstand both axial and radial loads simultaneously. LM104949/11 bearings are particularly suitable for high-speed and heavy-load applications requiring low friction. They offer high load-carrying capacity, durability, and reliability.They are primarily used in automotive applications such as front and rear wheel hubs, differentials, transmissions, drive shafts, and steering systems.

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