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Electric Machinery

Electric machinery

NYZ bearings are used in motors across various industries, achieving smooth and quiet operation.
Bearings play a crucial role in motors, primarily supporting and stabilizing the rotor and end cap components to ensure smoothness and reliability during operation. They withstand radial and axial loads from motor operation, ensuring the stability and safety of the motor structure as a whole. The selection and application of bearings directly affect the efficiency, durability, and safety of the motor, making them indispensable key elements in motor design.

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Deep Groove Ball Bearings

With the development of industrial electrification, energy consumption of motors is a concern for many customers, demanding motors to operate reliably for longer periods while reducing energy consumption and losses.
NYZ continually innovates, introducing new materials and designs to meet the motor industry’s demand for higher performance, longer lifespan, and more reliable operation.

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6205-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing

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6205-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearings

The 6205-2RS bearing is a sealed deep groove ball bearing designed to withstand radial and certain axial loads. It features rubber seals on both sides to effectively prevent dust and moisture from entering, thereby maintaining lubrication integrity and reducing maintenance requirements. The dimensions of the 6205-2RS bearing are 25mm inner diameter, 52mm outer diameter, and 15mm width. It offers high load carrying capacity, low friction, and high durability. This type of bearing is widely used in electric motors, generators, power tools, fans, pumps, household appliances, and other equipment to ensure smooth, reliable operation and long service life.

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NU205EM Cylindrical Roller Bearings

NU205EM bearing is a single row cylindrical roller bearing with a fixed inner ring, movable outer ring, and cylindrical rollers. It is commonly used in rotating parts of motors, such as the rotor support in electric motors.

RN205EM Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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RN205EM Cylindrical Roller Bearings

RN205EM is a single row cylindrical roller bearing designed to withstand high radial loads and moderate axial loads. In motors, RN205EM bearings are typically used to support the rotor shaft, ensuring stable operation and long-term reliability of the motor.

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