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Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery

In the heavy machinery sector, bearings play a crucial role in supporting and transmitting significant loads and motion requirements within mechanical systems. From excavators to construction equipment, and from mining to port machinery, bearings are widely used and critical components.

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Choosing bearings suitable for heavy machinery applications requires comprehensive consideration of load capacity, operating conditions, environmental adaptability, lubrication, and maintenance requirements. NYZ Bearings, with years of accumulation and continuous innovation, have gained sufficient experience in the heavy machinery sector. Our bearings have been operating effectively in heavy machinery applications for many years.

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30204 Tapered Roller Bearing

Related product types:Taper roller bearings

30228 Tapered Roller Bearing

The 30228 is a standard tapered roller bearing with a 140 mm inner diameter, a 250 mm outer diameter, and a 45.75 mm width. It is well-suited for mining machinery, construction machinery, and heavy trucks, offering excellent performance in high-load and high-frequency operational environments.

32310 Tapered Roller Bearing

Related product types:Taper roller bearings

30326 Single Row Tapered Roller Bearing

The 30326 tapered roller bearing has a larger outer diameter and width compared to the 30228 bearing, with a noticeable increase in weight. It is primarily used for heavy-duty machinery and industrial equipment, such as mining machinery, construction machinery, and steel metallurgical equipment, capable of withstanding harsh working conditions.

Related product types:Taper roller bearings

30328 Tapered Roller Bearing

The 30328 bearing is a High load-bearing model within the tapered roller bearing series, featuring larger dimensions and higher load capacity, suitable for industrial applications with extremely high loads and impact forces, such as large mining machinery, construction machinery, heavy trucks, and steel metallurgical equipment, especially in extreme conditions.

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