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Medical Equipment

Medical equipment

Bearings are widely used in medical equipment, such as diagnostic devices like X-ray machines, CT scanners, and MRI scanners. Bearings ensure the smooth operation of rotating components, enabling these devices to generate precise images for accurate medical diagnosis. Additionally, bearings are essential in patient monitoring equipment, treatment devices, and laboratory equipment.

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Thin Section Bearings

To ensure stable operation and high precision, thereby enhancing the reliability and performance of medical equipment, NYZ provides customized solutions for the healthcare industry through advanced materials engineering and precision technology. These solutions meet stringent medical standards and regulations, supporting medical devices to achieve optimal efficiency in diagnosis and treatment.

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Related product types:Thin Section Bearings

K36008CP0 Thin Section Deep Groove Ball Bearings

The K36008CP0 is a high-precision deep groove ball bearing with an inner diameter of 40 mm, an outer diameter of 68 mm, and a width of 15 mm. It is suitable for various medical devices requiring high precision and low friction, such as surgical instruments, dental equipment, medical imaging equipment, laboratory equipment, and infusion pumps. It provides high precision and low-friction rotational support, ensuring smooth operation and a long lifespan of the equipment.

Related product types:Thin Section Bearings

S17003XS0 Deep Groove Ball Bearing

The S17003XS0 deep groove ball bearing with an inner diameter of 17 mm, an outer diameter of 35 mm, and a width of 10 mm. It features a special sealing design and is suitable for miniature and precision devices, such as miniature surgical instruments and miniature dental equipment.

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