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Mining Industry

Mining industry

Mining equipment is typically used in remote areas like mountainous regions and deserts. In the mining industry, bearings are crucial components of various heavy machinery, including excavators, loaders, crushers, mills, and conveyors. Many of these machines operate continuously without interruption, so equipment failures can greatly impact production efficiency. Bearings used in such environments must have high load-bearing capacity and be selected for their wear resistance, impact resistance, and excellent sealing properties.

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Choosing bearings suitable for mining equipment requires consideration of several key factors. Firstly, the bearing’s load capacity must be able to withstand vibrations and impacts under prolonged operation and heavy loads. Secondly, wear resistance is crucial due to harsh environments and high-intensity usage that may cause early bearing wear. Bearings also need to possess good impact resistance and excellent sealing performance to prevent external environmental factors from damaging the bearings. Finally, selecting the appropriate bearing type and size based on the specific type of mining equipment and operating conditions is essential to ensure stable equipment operation in harsh environments and to enhance production efficiency.

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Double Row Spherical Roller Bearing

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22330CA/W33 Spherical Roller Bearing

The 22330CA/W33 spherical roller bearing, with an inner diameter of 150 mm, an outer diameter of 320 mm, and a width of 108 mm, offers high load capacity, self-aligning capability, and high-temperature stability. features a CA-type inner ring design and a W33 lubrication structure, making it suitable for high-load applications in compact equipment such as mining screening equipment, drilling equipment, and lifting devices. 

22336CAW33 Spherical Roller Bearing

Related product types:Spherical roller bearings

22336CA/W33 Spherical Roller Bearing

The 22336CA/W33 spherical roller bearing has an inner diameter of 180 mm, an outer diameter of 380 mm, and a width of 126 mm. Its design is similar to that of the 22330CA/W33 bearing, utilizing the same CA-type inner ring and W32 lubrication structure. Due to its larger size and increased load capacity, this bearing is ideal for heavy-duty machinery that requires higher load capacities and durability, such as mining crushing equipment, heavy-duty loading equipment, and high-load conveyor systems.

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