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The convenience of motorcycles is highly popular worldwide. Motorcycle bearings not only need to support and transmit power but also must maintain stability and reliability under high-speed operation, varying loads, and diverse environmental conditions. A motorcycle typically contains around 10 to 20 bearings at different locations, playing a crucial role in supporting, reducing friction, and transmitting power throughout the vehicle’s operation.

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Deep Groove Ball Bearings

When choosing bearings for motorcycles, it’s crucial to ensure they meet specific model and design requirements, including dimensions, load capacity, and speed limits. Factors like wear resistance, corrosion resistance, effective sealing, and lubrication capabilities are also critical considerations. These attributes become particularly important for maintaining stable operation in high-speed, high-temperature, and challenging road conditions. Ultimately, balancing bearing performance, lifespan, and cost-effectiveness helps enhance motorcycle performance and long-term reliability, reducing maintenance costs and risks of failures.

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6000-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Related product types:Deep Groove Ball Bearing

6000-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing

The 6000-2RS deep groove ball bearing, with an inner diameter of 10 mm, an outer diameter of 26 mm, and a width of 8 mm, is equipped with rubber seals (2RS), providing high speeds, low friction, and good sealing performance. Due to its smaller size and lower load capacity, it is suitable for light load applications and is commonly used in motorcycles for light load components such as small motors and auxiliary equipment.

Related product types:Deep Groove Ball Bearing

6200-2RS Deep Groove Ball Bearing

The 6200-2RS deep groove ball bearing has an inner diameter of 10 mm, an outer diameter of 30 mm, and a width of 9 mm, also equipped with rubber seals (2RS). Due to its slightly larger size, the 6200-2RS bearing has a somewhat higher load capacity compared to the 6000-2RS, making it suitable for applications requiring slightly higher loads. In motorcycles, primarily used in the wheel hubs, transmission systems, engine components, front forks and rear suspensions, and the electric start system.

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