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Raisting Equipment

Raisting equipment

Raisting Equipment is mechanical machinery used for lifting and moving heavy objects, widely applied in industrial, construction, port, maritime, and mining sectors. Main types include bridge cranes, gantry cranes, and tower cranes, which use electric or hydraulic systems to hoist and transport goods.

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Double-Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings

In lifting equipment, bearings impact the safety, stability, and operational efficiency. Therefore, choosing the appropriate bearing type and regular maintenance are crucial factors in ensuring the long-term reliable operation of lifting equipment.

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NJ206EM Cylindrical Roller Bearing

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NJ206EM Cylindrical Roller Bearing

The NJ206EM is a cylindrical roller bearing with an inner diameter of 30 mm, an outer diameter of 62 mm, and a width of 16 mm. It offers high load capacity and rigidity. This bearing is widely used in key components of cranes, such as the lifting arms, winches, slewing bearings, hook devices, tracks, and wheel axles. Its high load capacity and durability ensure smooth and efficient operation of the equipment under heavy loads and harsh conditions, enhancing the operational precision and safety of cranes.

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