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Satellite Communication

Staellite communication

Bearings play a critical role in the satellite communications industry, involving antenna systems, attitude control, solar panel adjustments, and other key mechanical systems. They ensure stable operation and efficient performance of satellites in space.

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Thin Section Bearings

In the satellite communications industry, bearings operate in extreme space environments. When selecting bearings, factors such as precision, load capacity, resistance to high and low temperatures and radiation, low friction characteristics, lightweight design, and long-term reliability need to be considered. NYZ thin-section bearings are widely used in the satellite communications industry due to their ability to provide high load capacity and stability in limited space, using materials resistant to temperature extremes and radiation to ensure long-term stable performance and reliability.

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KAA10CL0 Thin Section Bearings

The KAA10CL0 bearing is a high-precision, ultra-thin, low-friction crossed roller bearing, suitable for applications with limited space requiring high rigidity and high precision. Its main features include an ultra-thin design, high precision, low friction, high rigidity, low noise, and long lifespan.
In satellite communication systems, the KAA10CL0 bearing is widely used in critical components such as antenna positioning systems, turntables and support systems, on-the-move communication systems, robotic arms and positioning devices, and attitude control systems. It effectively enhances the operational efficiency and stability of the equipment, ensuring the reliability of satellite communications.

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