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Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment

semiconductor manufacturing equipment

Bearings are critical mechanical components in the semiconductor industry, primarily used to support and transmit loads and torque of moving parts. In various key processes of semiconductor equipment such as lithography, chemical vapor deposition, ion implantation, and testing and packaging, bearings ensure precise motion control and stability of the equipment.

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Thin Section Bearings

The selection and quality of bearings are crucial for the performance, production efficiency, and product quality of semiconductor equipment. NYZ thin-section bearings are widely used in the semiconductor industry due to their ability to withstand high loads in limited space and provide stability and precision under high-speed operation conditions. NYZ thin-section bearings are well-designed with corrosion-resistant materials and precision seals to meet the semiconductor equipment’s stringent requirements for cleanliness and reliability, ensuring long-term stable operation and minimal particle release.

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JHA10CL0 Thin-Walled Angular Contact Ball Bearing

The JHA10CL0 bearing is a thin-walled angular contact ball bearing that features high precision, low friction, long lifespan, high rigidity, low noise, and corrosion resistance.

Lithography machines、Etching machines、Chemical vapor deposition (CVD) equipment、Wafer processing equipment、Testing and metrology equipment

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