NYZ Railway Bearings

Railway bearings are used in railways. Railway freight cars do not have axle boxes. The bearings are connected to the bogie side frames through load-bearing saddles. The bearings bear the impact load generated between the wheelset and the bogie frame.

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To withstand the axial load generated when the vehicle turns. The wheel bearing structure includes cylindrical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearing units, tapered roller bearings, and tapered roller bearing units. According to the application requirements of railway bearings, wheel shaft bearings should have long Maintenance-free cycle, maintenance-friendly structural design and high reliability.

Railway Bearings Features and Benefits

Axle bearings: tapered roller bearings, tapered roller bearing cartridge, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings

  • Increased life
  • Low Maintenance
  • Anti-fretting Solutions
  • optimized cage design
  • Contact seals or labyrinths

Transmission bearings: tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, ball bearings

  • optimized cage design
  • Increased capacity

Traction engine bearings: cylindrical roller bearings, ball bearings

  • optimized cage design
  • Insulated bearings (ceramic coatings or polymer coatings).

Technical Data

Class B4   1/4"×8"46.54.5514.8
Class C5"×9"4.68857.68755.6255.87524.8
Class D5   1/2"×10"5.1888.187566.37527.3
Class E6"×11"5.6878.68756.4377.03   - 7.03234.9
144.475220.663163.51178.562   - 178.613
Class F6   1/2"×12"6.18799.93757.257.53   - 7.53252.9
157.175252.413184.15191.262   - 191.313
Class G7"×12"6.999510.8757.3128   - 8.00260.1
177.878276.225185.725203.2   - 203.251
Class G7"×14"7.000510.8757.3128   - 8.00260.1
178276186203.2   - 203.251
GG76.999511.8787.758   - 8.00281.4
177.787301.701196.85203.2   - 203.251

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