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Pillow Block Bearing


Pillow Block Bearing

Pillow block bearings, also known as plummer block bearings, are a specific type of Mounted Bearings commonly used as precision bearing components designed to house rolling bearings and support rotating shafts. Plummer blocks feature a base with mounting holes, allowing them to be securely bolted to a frame or other substructure. This design combines the functionality of a bearing with the stability of a bearing housing unit, eliminating the need for custom bearing housings. Consequently, Pillow block bearings provide a cost-effective and easy-to-use solution.

Pillow Block Bearings Structure

Product List

UCP Series Pillow Block Bearing

The UCP series pillow block bearings are an integrated bearing unit, with the base typically made of cast iron or steel. The bearing and housing are an inseparable unit, making installation and replacement convenient.


  • Integrated Design:
    The bearing and housing are integrated, making installation and replacement convenient.
  • Durability:
    The housing is typically made of cast iron or steel and is often equipped with sealing devices to prevent dust and contaminants from entering the bearing. This extends the bearing’s lifespan and provides good strength and durability.
  • Self-Aligning Capability:
    The internal ball bearing has a self-aligning feature that can compensate for minor installation errors.

UCP pillow block bearings have two bolt mounting holes for securing them to equipment. The internal ball bearing features a self-aligning capability, which can compensate for minor installation errors.
UPC series bearing structure

When selecting the appropriate UCP series pillow block bearing, it is crucial to consider key dimensions and specifications to ensure optimal performance and compatibility. If you are unsure how to choose, please contact us, and we will provide the best selection advice.

Unit No.H (mm)L (mm)J (mm)Bolt Used (mm/in.)
UCP201 UCP201-830.212795M10 3/8
UCP202 UCP202-930.212795M10 3/8
UCP203 UCP203-1130.212795M10 3/8
UCP204 UCP204-12V33.312795M10 3/8
UCP205 UCP205-14 UCP205-15 UCP205-1636.5140105M12 1/2
UCP206 UCP206-17 UCP206-18 UCP206-19 UCP206-2042.9165121M14 9/16
UCP207 UCP207-20 UCP207-21 UCP207-22 UCP207-2347.6167127M14 9/16

UCP series pillow block bearing are widely used in small to medium-sized machinery, conveyor systems, agricultural machinery, and other applications that require handling light to moderate loads.

SNL Heavy-Duty Pillow Block Bearing

NSl Heavy-Duty Mounted Bearings

The SNL series pillow block bearings feature a design where the bearing housing is separate from the bearing itself. The housing can accommodate various types of bearings, such as ball bearings, roller bearings, etc., depending on the specific application. This design offers high self-aligning capabilities.


  • Separate Design:
    The bearing housing and the bearing are separate, allowing for individual replacement of the bearing, making maintenance more convenient.
  • Long Durability:
    The housing is typically made of high-strength cast iron or steel, suitable for heavy-duty and high-load applications. There are multiple sealing options, such as labyrinth seals and contact seals, providing excellent dust and contamination protection.
  • Versatility:
    The bearing housing can accommodate various types of bearings, such as ball bearings and cylindrical roller bearings, offering high self-aligning capability. It has multiple mounting hole configurations, allowing users to choose based on specific needs, providing high flexibility.
SNL Series Structure Diagram
NSL Structure Diagram

When selecting pillow block bearings, you should focus on the following parameters: shaft diameter (d1), housing length (L), housing width (W), housing weight, and locating ring number. First, confirm the shaft diameter to match the bearing housing model. Next, check the housing length and width according to the installation space. Finally, consider the housing weight to ensure it can bear the mechanical load and choose the appropriate locating ring for precise installation. If you are unsure how to choose, please contact us immediately. We offer free optimal solutions for you.

Housing No.Shaft Dia d1 (mm)L (mm)W (mm)Housing wt (kg)Locating Ring No.

The SNL series pillow block bearing are suitable for heavy industrial equipment, such as those used in metallurgy, mining, paper production, and power generation industries. They are ideal for applications requiring high load capacity, high speed, and high reliability.


Pillow block bearings combine the bearing and the housing, offering better stability and convenience. Their integrated design makes installation and replacement more convenient, reducing maintenance time. They can better accommodate installation errors, providing more reliable performance.

Pillow block bearings are widely used in agricultural machinery, conveying equipment, textile machinery, printing machinery, food processing equipment, and other industrial equipment that requires support for rotating shafts. Their design is suitable for various light to medium load applications.

When installing pillow block bearings, first secure the bearing housing to the equipment. Then, place the bearing into the housing, ensuring proper alignment. Next, secure the bearing in the housing with bolts and lubricate it. Finally, check the alignment and fastening of the bearing to ensure correct installation.

Common faults of pillow block bearings include wear, overheating, poor lubrication, and contamination. Preventive measures include regular lubrication, maintaining a clean working environment, regularly inspecting the bearing condition, correct installation, and avoiding overloading. Timely maintenance and care can effectively extend the bearing's service life.

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