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Wind Turbine Bearings


Wind Turbine Bearings Collection

Wind Turbine Bearings are crucial components in wind power generation systems. Their primary function is to support and guide the movement of rotors and other rotating parts. Depending on the specific function and installation position, it is essential to select the appropriate product and model.

Product List

Wind turbine bearings (cylindrical roller type)

Wind turbine bearings (cylindrical roller type)

This cylindrical roller bearing is a high-performance Wind Turbine Bearing specifically designed for wind power generation equipment. It features high radial load capacity and low friction performance, making it suitable for wind turbine main shaft bearings, gearbox bearings, and generator bearings. This bearing ensures the stable and efficient operation of wind rotors, gears, and generator rotors, making it a critical component for the reliability and longevity of wind power generation equipment.


  • High Radial Load Capacity:Ensures the main shaft can operate stably under heavy loads, extending the service life of both the main shaft and the bearing.
  • Low Friction Performance:Enhances the overall efficiency of wind power generation equipment, ensuring efficient operation of gear transmission and the generator.
  • High Precision:Ensures the stability and reliability of the wind turbine during high-speed operation, reducing vibration and noise.



When selecting Wind Turbine Bearings, it is essential to consider factors such as load capacity, operating speed, environmental conditions, lubrication and maintenance requirements, lifespan and reliability, manufacturing quality, and cost-effectiveness. The following parameters can assist you in choosing the right bearing. If you are unsure how to make a selection, please contact us immediately. As experts with 30 years of bearing manufacturing experience, NYZ will provide you with the best purchasing solution.

Identification NumberInner Diameter (mm)Outer Diameter (mm)Width/B (mm)Mounting Holes/nBChamfer/R (min)

Primarily used in wind power generation equipment for the main shaft, gearbox, and generator.

Wind turbine bearings (Spherical roller bearings)

Spherical roller bearings are widely used in wind power generation equipment. These bearings are suitable for critical parts of wind turbines, such as the main shaft and gearbox. They can effectively absorb and resist shocks and vibrations, ensuring the efficient, stable, and reliable operation of the equipment.


  • Simultaneously Withstands High Radial and Axial Loads:This bearing can operate stably under high load conditions.
  • Self-Aligning Capability:Can compensate for installation errors and shaft bending, ensuring operational stability.
  • High-Strength Materials:Manufactured using high-strength materials, providing excellent wear resistance.
  • Optimized Lubrication Design:Ensures long bearing life and fatigue resistance.

This spherical roller bearing is primarily used in critical parts of wind power generation equipment, such as the main shaft and gearbox.


Common types of Wind Turbine Bearings include spherical roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, and tapered roller bearings. Each type, based on its design and performance characteristics, is suitable for different parts of the wind turbine, such as the main shaft, gearbox, and generator.

Maintaining Wind Turbine Bearings involves regularly checking the lubrication status to ensure adequate and clean lubrication. It is crucial to prevent contaminants from entering the bearing. Additionally, regularly inspect the bearings for wear and operational status, and promptly replace or repair any problematic bearings to ensure the turbine's continuous and efficient operation.

The lifespan of Wind Turbine Bearings depends on several factors, including load, operating speed, environmental conditions, and maintenance practices. With proper maintenance and suitable operating conditions, the lifespan of bearings can reach 20 years or more. However, the actual lifespan can vary depending on the specific application and conditions.

Common faults of pillow block bearings include wear, overheating, poor lubrication, and contamination. Preventive measures include regular lubrication, maintaining a clean working environment, regularly inspecting the bearing condition, correct installation, and avoiding overloading. Timely maintenance and care can effectively extend the bearing's service life.

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