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Wheel Hub Bearing

NYZ automotive wheel hub bearings are specially designed for vehicle wheels. They are typically installed within the wheel hub of the vehicle and are a crucial component connecting the wheels to the vehicle’s suspension system

Unitized Wheel Bearing

What are Wheel Hub Bearing?

As one of the key parts in the car, the automobile wheel hub bearing is installed in the wheel hub. It is divided into wheel hub bearing and wheel hub bearing unit. The automobile wheel hub bearing must be able to withstand axial and radial loads and have high strength and durability.

Types of Wheel Hub Bearings

Wheel Hub Bearing: Traditional automotive wheel hub bearings consist of two sets of tapered roller bearings or ball bearings and are primarily used in heavy-duty vehicles.

wheel bearing unit: This type of bearing integrates two sets of bearings into a single unit, resulting in a compact structure with the advantages of preload adjustment, preset preload, high rigidity, and high reliability. It is commonly used in passenger cars.

Applications of Wheel Hub Bearing

 wheel bearings are mainly used in the automotive industry, including family cars, trucks, tractors and other vehicles, widely used.NYZ, as one of the leading bearing suppliers, offers various types of automotive wheel hubs, contact us for the best solution!

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